Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are individually applied synthetic fibers attached to the base of each natural eyelash with surgical glue.  Each synthetic eyelash is applied one by one to your own eyelashes.

After the initial application of about 60 – 120 eyelashes per eye, you should plan to go in for refills about every 2–4 weeks to maintain the look.

More dramatic than mascara, yet far more natural than a strip of fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions are simply gorgeous!

Services and Prices Effective As Of October 15, 2018

Eyelash Extensions*

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set$200
Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Fills$85
Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set$180
Volume Eyelash Extensions Fills$75
Volume Eyelash Extensions 1/2 Set$155
Natural Eyelash Extensions Full Set$145
Natural Eyelash Extensions Fills 2 Weeks$45
Natural Eyelash Extensions Fills 3 Weeks $50
Natural Eyelash Extensions 1/2 Set$100
*If you are interested but not sure if eyelash extensions are for you, please call the salon for an explanation of the maintenance of eyelash extensions.