Now that it is August, summer is in full swing! For many that means pools, oceans, lakes, and tons of sun. Though that is all fun, it does most definitely take a toll on our hair and skin. Chemicals, minerals, and UV rays do cause just as much damage to our hair as they can to our skin. The minerals build up on the hair, causing dryness, color fading, and even damage. And UV rays have the opposite effect on our hair as they do our skin; while our skin gets sun-kissed and tan, it takes a toll on our hair color, greatly affecting the longevity of your color.

Aveda has solutions for all of the hair troubles that come with summer with their Sun Care line. The Sun Care shampoo is actually both a hair and body cleanser, which works to remove chlorine, salt, and other product or mineral build-up. It is color safe and contains conditioners such as coconut oil to protect the hair while removing the chemicals and build-up your hair does not need. It is also a great product to have on hand year round if you have a problem with minerals in your water at home.

Next is the Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque. The name says it all; it restores and helps to repair hair after sun exposure, and also is a nice treat for your hair after removing minerals or chemicals with the shampoo. Now my personal favorite product in the line is the one I saved for last and that is the Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, and it is quite literally sunscreen for your hair. It not only uses UV filters to help protect your hair, but it will keep your hair color flawless as well. If you have troubles with your color fading, or your hair getting too light in the summer sun, you can ditch the sun hat and just keep this is your beach bag!

Also newly introduced just this year is Aveda’s first sunscreen! It is the Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid. It is a fantastic facial sunscreen; it is very light on the skin, has a pleasant scent, and is SPF 30. It is a 100% mineral derived sunscreen, so no need to worry about harmful chemicals that can be found in other skincare lines!

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Sun Care

  • Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser $21
  • Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque $27
  • Sun Care Protective Hair Veil $28

Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid SPF 30 $42

-Blog Post Author Hollie Curley

Aveda Sun Care