January 2016 at Owen Jacobs Salon and Day Spa

With winter on its way (I swear it’s coming), it is very important that your hair be as healthy as possible, because of all the different ways New England weather drys out our hair. Once winter hits the inevitable bad hair days are upon us. There is so many different elements that contribute to that. The weather itself is the biggest contributing factor, given that there isn’t a stitch of moisture in the air, but all of our heat sources aren’t helping us either! Granted it is obviously unreasonable to turn off our heat for the sake of our hair (and skin!), but these few quick tips from Aveda will help with the winter time dryness.

For our hair there are options that can be done in salon (great for relaxing) and options you can take home with you and use at your leisure. In salon we have botanical hair therapy treatments, it is fairly quick (instant gratification) and you get a scalp massage and blow- out with the service! OR we also have amazing (also instant gratification) hair masques available for retail. I say these masques are amazing for the simple fact that they only need to be used once a week in place of your typical conditioner AND they only have to stay on 5 minutes. No need to leave it on for two hours to feel like you’re getting results.

Now we can’t forget to give our skin some extra love during the winter time too! Your skin probably takes a bigger beating than you even know, but Aveda has many great options to help and keep your skin hydrated and glowing. For the face area the Botanical Kinetics line has great options for normal to dry skin, and for our guests with more sensitive skin, there is the all sensitive line. No matter what you try there are fantastic options for cleansers, toners, cremes, and face masques! While we are on the topic of skin, I am certain I am not the only one who battles with chapped hands during the winter (don’t you just love when the skin on your knuckles crack.) Thankfully Aveda has Hand Relief. The original Hand Relief intensely moisturizes for soft, supple skin, this product is fantastic to throw in your purse and use whenever you feel the dryness coming for you! Then on the more intense side is the Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum, this you want to use right before bed so that your hands can reap the benefits of it all night without getting washed or rubbed off. Not only is it intense moisture, but it also evens skin tone and smoothes fine lines (bonus!).

Products Mentioned in Post

Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment (In Salon) $30
Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque (Retail) $29
Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment (Retail) $29
Botanical Kinetics and All Sensitive line vary, give the salon a call for more details!
Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme $24
Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum $35

All products are available at Owen Jacobs Salon and Day Spa.

-Blog Post Author Hollie Curley